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Have rising food prices given you an appetite for growing your own fruit and veg? You’re not alone.

According to a recent report, a quarter of us now grow our own food – and the main motivator is to save money on shopping bills. But what if you want to join the grow-your-own brigade but don’t have a garden?

It’s not easy to create a thriving vegetable patch if you live in a small city-centre flat. In addition, the old standby of taking an allotment is no longer an option for many. More than 86,000 people are on allotment waiting lists in the UK

And it’s not just the growers who stand to benefit from the arrangement – both can gain from sharing experience, knowledge and tools. Many garden owners who join are either too elderly or too busy to manage their own plots, and by sharing their garden they don’t have to watch it turn into a jungle of weeds. While no money changes hands in garden sharing, those involved often have an agreement to divide up the fruit and veg produced.

Gardening is rewarding all the way throughout the year so get in touch and get involved >>


Who can garden share?

Anyone can. Whether you have a garden that you would like to share with others and reap the benefits at harvest time or it is more convenient than travelling to an allotment every day.

How do I find out more about Garden share?

If you have a Garden that you would like to be used for sharing with others. Or you would like to take on a patch of spare ground in someone’s garden, then fill out the form.

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